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What started as my florida page for calling cards was such a succes, according to many thankful visitors, that i decided to make this a different subject at my site.

Why? Because they sell phone cards for all over the world and with nice rates per minute. They have a phone card for every different user. On the search box on the right you can look for yourself, just choose the country where you calling from and the country where you calling to.

We have tested a few cards (for example the card from AT&T - bought at Sam's club) - 14 dollar cent a minute to the Netherlands. When looking around for a phone card we have found the ultimate phone card and it can be ordered from your house.

Cards can be ordered starting at ten dollars and you can choose for automatic additional minutes when the amount is low. It will help you not to worry of ending a conversation because your card is empty. Look around for the best card that suits your needs.

Go to the page of Cloncom and make the search of your choice. On some search result pages you will find the option view more cards. Select the card of your choice and start using it! With most of the phone cards you can call with local access or toll free access (free phone number)

In most of the hotels you can phone for free when you call a local telephone number or with a 1-800 number (Toll free access). (Inform at your hotel for their policy)

You will receive an email with the card number and pin code after you have ordered your phone card (print this and don't forget to take it with you)


At the beginning of your phone calls you will hear how many minutes there are left on your calling card. You can also see what you have called and your minutes that are left when you have access to a computer with internet. (click here for a example)

We have tried the card ourselves and we are very happy with it. Great service and you can phone that much it looks that the minutes are unlimited. When you have to phone to a mobile number around the world it makes it a lot cheaper instead of using your own mobile phone.

When you own a house in Florida (or a different state in the USA) you can add your telephone number at your account page. This makes it easier because you don't have to enter the card access number and pin code before you start calling.

Who is Cloncom? operates in 150 countries and have sold more than 2 million phone cards. They are searching always for the cheapest calling cards. An address you can trust since 2002! We are a fan of them because it's super cheap to call with their cards from and in the United States of America.


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