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Hitandgo presents you a site with Florida information and tips for your Florida vacation.
With tips about food and drinks in Florida and delicious American recipies like muffins and brownies, general information, searching to Florida sites and where and how can I book a hotel room when you travel for example to Orlando or Key West.

With directions on the Weather and Traffic page and an euro to dollar converter on the Florida links page.
Take advantage of the beautiful weather in Florida at the lowest possible price. Of course not only bargains at this site because it is really the Dutch Way as the Americans call it. Dutch in America is another word for economical or cheap.
New added on August 18, 2007, hurricane tracker and the cheap call page for your vacation in Florida or the other states of America.
My favorite radio station is in Miami, listen to 101.5Litefm.
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Look around at this site when you're interested in Florida and plan on going to Florida soon, we want you to have a good time. Sign up now for the free Florida Tips Newsletter.
Have you ever been to Florida and/or have any suggestions or comments, let us know and send your contribution to floridainfo@hitandgo.com
For more information about vacation in Florida and tips about Florida, go to florida startpage
Owning a home in Florida and want to advertise for renting it out then go to florida advertising
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